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Llamas as a Lifestyle

Living and working with llamas is a great privilege, and so is sharing the joy that they  bring with others. Earning a living with llamas however can be a different and difficult ball game, but with dedication and application llamas can offer an enviable lifestyle. Before considering such an idea it's vital to do your research in order to understand what facilities and grazing requirements llamas need to keep them happy, and what husbandry skills you will need to acquire in order to keep them healthy.

Useful resources include:

There are also rules and regulations governing where you can walk your llamas if you choose to go off your own land. An Animal Welfare License is required from most councils, and of course Public Liability Insurance, plus you would need to source a local but knowledgeable camelid vet.

Additionally you should try to visit as many llama trekking centres as possible, and ultimately as many specialist llama breeders as possible, because not all llamas are created equal! Selecting the right ones forms the basis upon which you will be able to build your business, and sadly some will never make good trekking animals. The llama community is generally a very friendly and helpful one, always with the llamas best interests at heart , so don't be afraid to ask for advice from the experts!

At Watertown Llamas we breed specifically for biddable, people-orientated trekking and therapy llamas. We halter-train and work with our animals using Camelidynamics methods, and are happy to have been able to supply many fabulous trekking llamas to outfits all across the UK.

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