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Llama Trekking in Cheshire

Hillview Llamas

Frodsham, Cheshire

Set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside overlooking the Weaver Valley and Frodsham Hill, Hillview Llamas has been in existence since 2009. Treks range from on-farm walks for young children to 2 hour hikes in surrounding woods and countryside for adults. Other options can be discussed. Interested participants will have the opportunity to learn much about llama history, types and their characteristics, personality traits, llama husbandry, reproduction and health care. They will also gain hands-on experience of handling llamas, ranging from catching, feeding, grooming and leading llamas. Hillview Llamas operates 12 months of the year with tailor made packages available for a wide variety of individuals and groups. Booking in advance is essential when arrangements will be discussed to suit different ages, numbers, needs and interest. School holidays, especially half-term breaks tend to book up well in advance!

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The owners of Hillview Llamas also offer a wide range of other services outlined on its website. Prices start at £50 for a 2 hour adventure catering for up to two adults and two children. A full refund guarantee is available to any dissatisfied customer although so far nobody has ever requested one (For testimonials see the website, Facebook page and Trip Advisor). Various types of accommodation (camp sites to 4* hotel) are available  nearby and main (West Coast) rail lines and airports (Liverpool and Manchester) within 20 minutes for visitors from afar.

To book a Llama Trek, please contact:

Hillview Llamas


Covid 19 lockdown restrictions have made it difficult for everybody to forward plan llama treks , but most outfits are now open for llama trekking again. If you would like to provisionally book a llama walk  in 2021, or would like to ask if you can now make a firm booking for llama treks and llama walks again, or for any other enquiries about voucher schemes, llama giftware, or llama adoption packages, please email us at: