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So what do you know about Llamas?

A brief history of llamas

Llamas originate from the high Andes in South America, dating back to the Incas, and over many centuries llamas have become domesticated animals, primarily used as pack animals, hence they are natural born trekkers, but also highly prized for their beautiful fleeces which come in many different colours and types, including the very woolly lanuda llamas, short fleeced ccara llamas, and suri llamas with ringlets!

Llama Trekking in the UK

So is there any llama walking near me? Well, Llamas are a pretty well kept secret, but if you look carefully, you might just find a llama trekking farm near you! Each farm has something different to offer you, but all of them have some fabulous llamas, just waiting to meet you! Llamas are quick learners, generally very docile and biddable, but always inquisitive, intuitive and endearingly individual (as well as occasionally insubordinate!) It's all part of your llama experience!

What is Llama Trekking?

Essentially it is walking with llamas at a leisurely pace around local countryside, just a great way to get out and about, with your cuddly companion leading the way. Llamas are very quirky, not just in their appearance but also in terms of their personalities, so be prepared to make a new friend on your llama trek. Many llamas love to be brushed so you may need to do a little bit of pampering to get your llama on side! Some farms will have young llamas known as crias for you to enjoy watching at play during your visit, whilst others are able to take you off their premises to give you a longer llama walk through some of our most breathtaking British countryside. It's a delightful opportunity to explore the locality with your knowledgeable two legged and lovable four legged guides who will be able to bring the landscape to life for you. Some llamas will even carry your picnic! Take a llama walk on the wild side!

Everyone can enjoy Llamas

Most of the llama farms on this website can tailor your visit to suit the needs of you and your family or friends, young or old, and some can cater for varying levels of mobility. Once you have discovered the magic of walking with llamas it will come as no surprise to learn that they are also widely used in animal assisted therapy, and llamas also have a natural affinity with disabled visitors. Llama walks are great for team building outings , and hen party outings with llamas are also provided for by some. Llamas are perfect for school groups, Brownies and birthday parties, with more information available by clicking on the llama links on the UK map. You can even include some llamas on your wedding guest list! Just use our map to find llama treks near you.

Llama Trekking & Covid-19

Fresh air, exercise, and a wonderfully tactile hands-on interaction with these woolly wonders is great for body and soul. Walking with llamas is very calming, and the feel good factor is highly therapeutic. Taking place outdoors , and a llama length apart ,  your truly unique llama adventure is one of the safest ways of getting out and about, and enjoying life again! The llamas are super excited to be out and about with you once more . Many llama trekking outfits will be able to offer you a private outing, just for you and your partner or you and your family members, with good hand washing facilities and sanitised lead ropes etc, so don't be afraid to ask what measures they have in place for your safety. Use this website to find a llama walk near you!

Find Llama Trekking near you

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